How it works?

As a Free Member you can earn by watching PTC ads or YouTube Videos, all these ads  run for 20 seconds and you are credited 1 cent per ad, daily you can watch 3 PTC ads and 3 YOUTUBE VIDEOS total per day 6 cents.
You can invite other people to join myrevtubeptc with your REFERRAL LINK and you will get referrals if they buy adpacks or traffic you receive commissions also.
If you want to increase your income you can purchase the available ad packs starting with the $ 5 we invite you to look at all our advertising packs in the homepage section. 

Please read all the details of our plans carefully in the homepage section.


myrevtubeptc recommends you consider your purchasing strategy taking in consideration the details of, DAILY PROFIT, FEE PER WITHDRAWAL and other variables so that you have the FAIR RETURN of your active packs of 110% / 120% / 130% / 140% including your Capital.


Myrevtubeptc  is an online marketing page with many years of experience and an extensive portfolio of physical customers who need interaction of "organic" clicks on their physical or virtual product links, for this reason our website offers its users the opportunity to earn money doing a job from home generating ORGANIC TRAFFIC  in the links of our customers, that way we can pay a commission for clicks and views on YOUTUBE , to attract our business more customers, it also offers you the opportunity to WIN MONEY, promoting our ORGANIC ONLINE TRAFFIC SERVICE to potential interested in having views on their YOUTUBE or e-COMMERCE channels and we know that at present that market of organic clicks is increasing

Currently we manage SOCIAL NETWORKS, ONLINE SALES CHANNELS and PHYSICAL and we offer an investment system through the purchase of advertising packages , a change we grant a certain return for the money that we enter on the platform and thus with the purchase of Each advertising package you get a commission for sale and daily tasks to generate ORGANIC TRAFFIC , on the one hand, points or credits to promote our links. And on the other, we will receive a return on the money invested in advertising with the added interest.