Frequently Asked Questions


We are an Advertising page that has a lot of time dedicated to providing web page creation service, social media management among other activities of the advertising field and we currently sell ORGANIC WEB TRAFFIC through our page Web.

No, although obviously we have compensation plans with which in addition to PROMOTING YOUR ONLINE SALES LINKS, APPS, YOUTUBE CHANNELS, we can generate incredible for you RETURN GAINS for packages purchased in the REVESHARE PACKS..

Yes, but you need to have an active deposit to make your withdrawals.

NO, MYREVTUBEPTC offers a ADVERTISING product that you access through a direct purchase of our packages, in the event that you decide to RESELL ADVERTISING or Invite referrals, MYREVTUBEPTC has compensation plans for your work done and as an incentive we offer commissions up to 3 levels to increase your earnings, so the money with which commissions are paid and click or view work is exclusively the product of global sales.

No, our system RECOGNIZES the registration IPs so you can not open more than one account, but if you can open a family member's account on the same IP with the condition that this is NOT RECORDED AS YOUR DIRECT REFERENCE and must do so with the link from the page directly

YES, our system works by the DAILY VIEWS of the users active in the system, but if you want and your earnings allow it you can buy the VACATION MODE. ($ 1 per day)

You can Buy Revshare packages from our plans, You can Sell Advertising 5% by direct sale, You can get Referrals with commissions up to 3 levels 5% - 2% - 1%, Watching Ads in our PTC, Watching YouTube Videos, Many others

In MYREVTUBEPTC WE ACCEPT only shipments in CRIPTOCOINS from any wallet that you have balance, you can deposit PAYEER and PERFECTMONEY.

Payments are made MANUAL BY SECURITY MEASURES, we will always send in BTC no matter what other cryptocurrency you have made your purchase.

As payments are made manually the estimated time is 12 to 36 hours after requested. all payouts are monday to friday

YES, there is 5% withdrawales FEE.

IF you can change your payment information from your back office requesting a PIN for your security that will reach your email.

Sorry, the withdrawal is only for your payment method

YES, automatically when you have registered you should go to your email check the main tray or SPAM or any other, we recommend using gmail.

MYREVTUBEPTC has an SSL encryption system, which you should always check to be OUR WEB ADDRESS DO NOT SHARE YOUR ENTRY DATA WITH ANYONE USE A DIFFICULT KEY that includes (numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters and special characters) Additionally our system includes GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR 2F that you can ACTIVATE from your back office.

1 * Minimum 18 years old 2 * Understand and Accept the Terms and Services of our Service provision.

YES, as you know we are a page that sells WEB TRAFFIC for anyone, including your own links of VIDEOS, WEBSITES, APPS, even business promotion

MYREVTUBEPTC has its own portfolio of CUSTOMERS who pay for ORGANIC WEB TRAFFIC, which we hope will continue to increase over time thanks to the quality of our service, we also have many income formats thanks to the REFBACK type share that allow the entry of fresh money since the MYREVTUBEPTC promotes highly profitable businesses by exchange with our user matrix diversification of capital entered into stock markets.

It is MYREVTUBEPTC's option to obtain fresh money by DIRECTLY AFFILIATING with other physical or online businesses that are highly PROFITABLE and that through its Referral links we can use OUR NETWORK OF USERS and with those COMMISSIONS generated to have fresh money available to cover the TASKS and COMMISSIONS that oblige us with the users of MYREVTUBEPTC and thus be self-sustaining and not fall into type vices scam.

Our Staff has long verified the reliability of these businesses and in this way WE GUARANTEE to refer to our users the good development of these businesses among them you will find that we share the links of - International Forex trading over 5 years active in Forex markets - BTC SURF more than 6 months web traffic - UMBRELLA Anti-radiation devices for ELECTRONIC devices over 15 years proven in that market, among others that you will look at your Backoficce in the REFBACK tab

You are NOT required in any way to join these businesses with our link, obviously for us this money that comes from commissions guarantees to have more fresh money with which MYREVTUBEPTC, guarantees payments in addition to the money earned with this system and is in balance is distributed among the members of the REFBACK at the end of a certain period.

The minimum withdrawal is $ 10.

You can withdraw every 3 days only, monday to friday.

For each active deposit, you can GENERATE up to a maximum of 220% of your earnings, including referral commissions and your daily reinvestments..