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About Us

Myrevtubeptc.com It is a page with extensive experience in the Advertising world with an extensive client portfolio and in need of interaction of clicks "Organic" in their links of physical and virtual products, for this reason our website offers its users the opportunity to Earn Money both for your membership and by clicking on the links of our customers while paying commission to attract our business plus avid customers of organic advertising.

Our Story

With more than 3 years managing Social Networks, Developing Websites and other activities related to physical and online advertising Myrevtubeptc.com manages several advertising portfolios to clients who need to get organic web traffic.

Normally we outsource this service with pages recognized in this business, but we took the step to build this revshare with gains in PTC and percentages based on investments of advertising packs.

Our Philosophy

We work with honesty,
because we know that it is our greatest asset

Jose Huerta
Jose Huerta. FOUNDER CEO

Our Experience

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Our Team

At the head of myrevtubeptc.com there is a team of extensive experience and reputation that together accumulate a good number of satisfied customers and successful business development

Jose Huerta

Jose Huerta


He is an active youtuber, his experience is focused on the analysis of web businesses with positive results in his finances and his followers participate in our service by buying click packages and views for their sites.

Jose Da Pena A.

Jose Da Pena A.


With many years dedicated to the advertising world, creation of billboards, printing and design of advertisements, management of social networks, accumulation of experience and customers who today pay the clicks to Users.

Wully Campos

Wuilly Campos


For 9 years, he has Managed Capital to third parties and Administrative Business management, ventured into the cryptocurrency market where he is successful, so myrevtube.com has options to generate capital and be sustainable.

We are proud to have a website that gives what it offers to its Users and Customers,
We work to do our best every day to achieve success! Jose Da Pena, Marketing Team.

Our Services

Our product is Organic Advertising, something that we achieve thanks to the support of our Users who, through their daily clicks, ensure that our Clients obtain an interesting quality and conversion, we are convinced that by means of an adequate insert in the pay per click, our Users also have a good profit and promote with interesting commissions Users get a significant income from their finances

Revenue Sharing

Recover up to 40% of purchases from your ADPACKS by surfing daily.

Traffic Exchange

Get Organic Web Traffic within the platform by publishing your business links and videos.

Live Chat

Take advantage of asking questions of interest in our Live Chat or through support.

Payment Proofs

Sharksholdings (Israel)$47.2500Paulmccabe (Great Britain)$11.1500cladius (United States)$11.1500natemorgan (United States)$11.1500devergo007 (Hungary)$11.1500Nishtyak (Ukraine)$11.1500ivagasan (Bolivia)$24.4405Alab65 (Philippines)$11.1500Mayra (Belgium)$11.1500Mona3345 (United States)$11.1500

Payment Methods Accepted

To give you the opportunity to participate in myrevtubeptc.com we have enabled different payment methods that you can choose to your liking and availability of capital in those methods

Our Client Testimonials

Our Plans

Myrevtubeptc.com offers you a great opportunity to Earn Money thanks to our Affiliate Plans with which you can obtain important returns for your money while we have the opportunity to make money with different methods, both selling advertising and attracting affiliates that click in the advertising of our Advertising Clients


    • To withdraw you have 2 options
    • Option (1) Membership 5$
    • Minimun Withdrawal $10
    • Maximum Withdrawal $10
    • Option (2) 100% free
    • exchange for Dogecoin
    • $1 iqual 100 doge
    • Minimum Exchange 100
    • Maximum Exchange 1000
    • To Exchange Contact Suport
    • 3 Levels Commission
    • 3% / 1% / 1%

    $20 per package
    • 100% BTC LTC ETH
    • Maximum Invest $400
    • Mature 110%
    • Mature at 20 days
    • Monday to Friday
    • Withdrawal After Mature
    • Withdrawal Fee Fixed
    • BTC Withdrawal Fee 0,00008
    • LTC Withdrawal Fee 0,008
    • ETH Withdrawal Fee 0,003
    • No Compound alowed
    • 3 Levels Commission
    • 2% / 1% / 0,5%

    $25 membership
    • 150 Credits
    • To Buy all size of Banners
    • Including PTC
    • YOUTUBE Views
    • Login ADS
    • Membership 30 Days
    • Credits Do Not Expire
    • Earn Commission
    • Minimum Withdrawal $10
    • Maximum Withdrawal $25
    • Withdrawal Every 7 days
    • Withdrawal Every 7 days
    • 3 Levels Commission
    • 10% / 5% / 2%

    AVAILABLE individual price
    • Banners Prices Each
    • All Sizes for 5 Days $2
    • All Sizes for 10 Days $3
    • All Sizes for 30 Days $5
    • YOUTUBE Views Prices
    • 300 Views $2
    • 600 Views $4
    • 1800 Views $16
    • Login ADS Prices
    • $10 Daily
    • Other Services
    • Other Services
    • Other Services
    • Coming Soon

Contact Us

In myrevtubeptc.com you know the importance of keeping communication channels permanently open, that's why we have the option of sending emails to the different departments that comprise our advertising business apart from our live operational chat.

If you have a concern that you would like to discuss, contact us.

We are always willing to address your concerns to avoid stress among our affiliates and therefore do not hesitate to send us your comments taking advantage of all the channels we keep open for you.

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